Preparing brand identity and website


"Dobreoleje" is a car parts and oil shop. Currently, they have two locations, one in Wrocław and one in Oława.

The task

Scope of the project was to create brand identity and design and implement website layout.


After few discussions, I've came out with logo idea, which was accepted by the client. I've proceed to choosing proper typography to reflect company values and create color palette for further usage. Then I've created various materials using these guidelines - invoice templates, billboards, road signs, business cards, branded paper, price tags and door signs. I've also helped pick colors for painting the building. After that, we've proceed to create and implement website. Its core purpouse was to serve as an entry point and encourage to visit the shop. I've implemented various oil search engines for client request and prepared the whole product in user-friendly CMS. The client was trained to use it and has been updating and modifying content ever since.

After our cooperation ended, project was taken over by another Graphic Designer and since the beginning of 2014 is evolving, mostly in website-related manners.

Used Technologies

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, HTML, CSS, Wordpress, PHP, JS.


    09.2012 - 09.2013

  •    Client:

    Patryk Wojtowicz

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